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December 7, 2015 – The Bold Ideas, Big Savings program was featured in Stat, a web-based health/science news outlet produced by Boston Globe media:

“To help cut costs, Nabel unveiled a program called Bold Ideas, Big Savings, which offers workers cash prizes for coming up with ways to save the hospital money…

The first winners of the Bold Ideas program are the six members of the hospital’s audio-visual team.

Peter Linck, who manages the team, said he noticed something while his crew was setting up sound systems and webcasts for events: The hospital was paying outside contractors as much as $288 per hour to move furniture. He suggested his team could do the same work for much cheaper, and sometimes earn overtime pay in the process.

The men got trained in how to lift and shlep without breaking their backs. Since September, they have been moving furniture a few times a week, saving the hospital an estimated $10,000. In reward for their budget-cutting proposal, they will share a $2,000 check.

On a recent weekday, the team, dressed in button-down shirts and ties, hauled hospital furniture back into place after a flu clinic.

Audio-visual worker John Bourque said he didn’t mind the manual labor. Compared to his weekend job moving fridges at Home Depot, he said, ‘this is a piece of cake.’”

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December 4, 2015
– Bold Ideas, Big Savings was featured in BWH Bulletin